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Our Mission Statement

A new grassroots organization whose philosophy is using a "hand up", instead of a "hand out" approach, to helping people in northern Canada. The group's vision is to connect people from across the southern provinces of Canada, as well as the United States, to people in the north. We join together with a view to assist northern communities by establishing diverse projects that will, in turn, lend a helping hand to local people and groups. Transparency of our operations is vital to this organization and full disclosure of finances is available upon request. We welcome you to become a member of our free forum and join the discussions regarding our quest to help northern communities in Canada. Every member is a valued asset to our group!

▪ For further information, you are welcome to come along and join our community forum, as well as our social media links (all can be accessed from the 'navigation buttons' in the above panel).

Meet the Team

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We are so happy you have joined our mission and welcome you to Helping Hands across the North. We'd like to introduce the HHAN team:

José, who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, has a background in Human Resources and training.

Jenn hails from Wisconsin in the United States. She is a certified Vet Tech and was president of an athletic non-profit organization for 10 years.

Barbara resides in Prince George, BC and is involved in many non-profit organizations that support women, seniors and Blues music.

Alyshia, who lives in Victoria, BC, is a Nurse and an entrepreneur.

Tree resides on Vancouver Island in BC, and brings her Accountant's knowledge to the team. She enjoys travelling every chance she gets.

Stephanie lives in Arviat, Nunavut and is the Controller for a large northern company.

Our Mod Team's diverse background allows us to share different viewpoints and experiences, which we feel compliments HHAN member's wealth of ideas in the quest to assist and connect with our many friends in the north.

We believe that every member, in their own way, contributes in establishing new directions or opportunities and we welcome their input on the HHAN forum!

Photo Gallery

Please enjoy our sample collection of submitted photos on the slideshow presentation below. All photos include author credit & location details within the slideshow photos. To manually select a specific photo, you can do so by clicking on the small row of boxes on the lower right of the slideshow window. To view a more extensive range of photos, you are welcome to come along and join our community forum, where members are invited to share photos of their everyday lives within their community.

Projects Map

To open up our pushpin map of currently active projects at HHAN, please click on the map preview image below. For specific details on various current projects, please visit the projects section on the forum, thank you!

Map Snapshot